LATEST NEWS (28 february 2015)

This might soon become a routine... Ceilí Moss will be playing on that glorious St-Patrick's day occasion at no other dearly beloved place than La Porte Noire in Brussels and it will be the TENTH time... Surely not the last!

Ceilí Moss will be playing at La Porte Noire in Brussels on january 30, for the farewell party of Stephan, the bar's boss and soul. As official holder of the greatest number of concerts at La Porte Noire record, it was obvious we just HAD to be there (& be drunk!)

Lads and lassies, the first twenty years have been great fun, and the "20 years of folkaos" tour was a more than decent dessert, thanks to too many people to mention them all but I'll give it a try: Gaëtan, Thales, Masha, Lulu, Florence, Benoit, Roland, Jérôme, Anna, Antoine, Xavier (french), Xavier (dutch), Michael, Ray, Noreen, Stephan, Christian, Eli-Jazz & his gang, Cécile and Michel, Chantal, Thomas, Laurent & Steve, Maxime & Thierry, Christophe, Robex, Jérome, Anne-Catherine & Ingrid, Frédéric, Julie and all those whom we didn't get the opportunity to salute in person.
Now, it's been a nice warmup but the next twenty years will be properly amazing!

We thought we'd be nice and easy after next friday's gig in Mazy, but some poxy eejit gave us one last duty before we could enjoy the spirit of Christmas ;-p
It will be in Namur once more, at the Christmas Market, and it will be on dec. 11 at 8 pm.

It's been a bloody motherfucking hell's ditch's son of a gun evening yesterday (and a bit of today) at La Porte Noire! We've seen some shaky and nervous gigs, but this one was probably the wildest in 20 years! Thanks to everyone who was there and eat your heart out all who were not ;p

The adress of the gig next friday has changed, it will happen in Brasserie "Aux 2 Luxembourg", Route d'Arlon, still in Rombach. A first encounter with the Grand-Duchy audience!

New items added to the press review, gig in Wépion approaching, with probably lots of old friends coming along. That's a good start of the week!

Check out the video made by the Liege webtv of the session we played before the gig at La Legia on september 26. It's the chance to discover a bunch of brand new songs!

Just added a long and at times slightly silly interview for the Swedish blogger Robex Lundgren to the press review, and today evening 6 pm, the interview and session for Not Only (-) recorded on saturday are being aired on Radio Air Libre (87.7 fm).

The press review section badly needed an update, didn't it? Well, tadaaa!

All ready to kick this promising tour. First match is a hometown warmup at the Fêtes de Wallonie in Namur this saturday. A chance to see some well-known faces from days of yore!
There will also be some media coverage not later than today on Equinoxe Radio (100.1 FM) and on the local Liege television RTC.

20 years of folkaos finally get some media recognition ;) Not only do we have a new gig booked in Namur in november, but we have now more interviews, sessions and invitations than we've had in the past 5 years... Not that we complain, mind you.

july-august 2013
Enjoying cocktails on a private beach with dozens of bikini girls... (you wish...)

It's been a wonderful gig saturday in Ottignies. Too bad it's probably the last La Clé de Sol is going to organize...

Pictures of the gig at La Porte Noire on june 6 are visible in the pictures section.

In the autumn of 2014, it will be Ceilí Moss' 20th anniversary. We are beginning to consider doing something very special for this occasion...

Pictures of the (top) gig in Ottignies last saturday are here, thanks to André Focant.

One (slightly informal) gig at the springtime bonfire in Bossière tomorrow, and then Ceilí Moss will focus on writing new material and rearranging some old songs we'd like to play again but never took the time to rework properly.
See you in june!

So, the world didn't end after all... Good job!
We have a big gig coming in Louvain-la-Neuve next monday for the opening of the arts festival Universatil. Hope we'll see some of you there!
And Ceilí Moss has entered a strongly creative phase. We have a dozen new songs waiting to be arranged, so you'll get something exciting to hear, but we cannot say when (you know how lazy and slow we are, don't you?)...

Two new gigs confirmed: one is a last minute show in Gembloux on 28 december, the other one is a St-Patrick gig in Halle. See agenda for details.

Reminder: tomorrow, Ceilí Moss is live the Christmas Market in Namur, starting 9 pm, free entrance!

A great gig in Chapois last saturday! Discover pictures and videos of it online.
Next time we go live is for the Christmas Market in Namur on dec. 11. More info here.

Considering just how sh*** the weather was, the gig in Namur on august 26 was nevertheless a nice one. Next time will be in Maaseik on september 28, for Maaseik Mundial.

Dranouter was simply fantastic! Perhaps the best gig in 2012, if not one of the best ever. There are going to be some pics available soon.
Now, next gig is in our hometown Namur, on sunday 26 august at 11 am.

We were recently complaining we'd spend the whole summer without playing a single festival, and it seems our prayers have been heard, since we'll do nothing less than Dranouter!

A last minute gig has just been added: it will be on march 21 at the Green Fairy in Namur. See gigs list for details.

Discover a video the guys from OneSongWorld made out of a mashup of live pics for La Vie Sans Toi.

I know you all wait with barely bearable anticipation for some new stuff, so we've decided to ease your pain ;p: we've got a free download of an alternative version of La Vie Sans Toi as a little ditty for you!

And you can also listen the new releases from Laurent's side project The Imaginary Suitcase and that of Jeremy and Thibaud Liquidation Band.

We are now getting into hibernation until february. Enjoy the festive season, and have a look at the already confirmed gig dates in 2012!
See ya!

Please come support us in Louvain-la-Neuve for the big Walloon Brabant battle of the bands! More info on their Facebook

There's a gallery of pictures from the gig in Dinant last friday to be discovered here.
And if you're surprised to see Benjamin and his accordion, it's because he has decided to come back! Yes, indeed, the prodigal son ain't gonna play the wild rover no more ;)

The interview of Laurent on was a delightful moment of free speech and a great laugh! You can listen to it on their website, if you missed it.

We hope to see you in Namur this saturday, though they announce rain...
Laurent will have a chat with Seb on next tuesday (20 september then) at 7 pm.
And a last minute gig is scheduled on friday 30 september in Dinant, with Pagan Noz as support.

A bunch of pictures of the concert in Ronquières on august 27 have been added to the gallery.

After a well-deserved break, Ceilí Moss is back on track with a gig next saturday during the "All hands on deck" festival on the banks of the Canal at Ronquières!

The schedule of the concert in Mons on july 2 is known: we play at 9 pm, followed by the Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra.
And another summer gig confirmed on july 28 in Louvain-la-Neuve for the Summer Festival.

There's a new review of La vie sent quoi? here or on the press review page!

Would you help us get on TV? Well, you can! Please visit our profile on the brand new French website Just4Talent and help us be selected to shoot a videoclip in professional conditions!

And on saturday 21 may, Laurent will answer Johan's questions on Fréquence Eghezée radio.

The gig in Boninne was chaotic but deeply energizing, while the festival Un soir autour du monde was short... but nice, but a bit short, but really enjoyable, but a bit short... ;)

See you on friday 13 (boooooooooh...) in Louvain-la-Neuve!

If you have the time, take a minute to visit Laurent's solo project's brand new official website

We are Song Of The Week at Talencast! Thanks to everyone who voted us there!

Pictures of the gig on march 12 in Sart-Dames-Avelines are available.

The schedule of the Tremplin Jyva'Zik in Louvain-la-Neuve is known: we'll play a first acoustic set at 2.30 pm and a big set at 8 pm.

Quand nous sommes à la taverne is Ade's choice for today's Tuna the Day. Thanks pal!

And La vie sans toi is going to be featured on Melodic Revolution records' forthcoming compilation Unearthed: a guide to new music vol.1.

We are one of the three happy selected for the next edition of Un Soir Autour Du Monde on april 30 or may 1st! Congratulations to Blackberry D and to Rony Rone & les Balltraps (the other two winners).

The gig in Louvain on may 6 has been rescheduled to the next friday, 13 then, if you can handle it...;)

And a new article on La vie sent quoi? on the French blog Idrann.

What do you think of the new layout of the website?

Two new gigs confirmed: on april 3 at the tremplin for the Jyva'Zik festival, and on may 6 in café Altérez-Vous in Louvain -la-Neuve!

We have been selected for the contest of the festival "Un Soir Autour Du Monde"! On saturday 12 march, we'll be competing for one of the three spots offered.
Meanwhile, the press keeps praising the new CD: new reviews in W-Fenec and in the radio shows Le monde est un village. Check the links in the press review, where I've also added a link to the jan. 27 interview on Radio Panik

It's not too late to delight your Valentine with our new album ... It's also on iTunes and other stores ;)
It's been a wonderful evening saturday in Bouchain. Vive la république!
For those who read Dutch, there's also a new article about La Vie Sent Quoi? from Folkroddels.

A new gig has been confirmed on friday 18 march ... for the fifth time in La Porte Noire in Brussels!

A new review of La vie sent quoi? can be found in the latest issue of the Dutch magazine New Folk Sounds or in our press review.

Hello everyone! Hope your Holiday season went as good and even better than you hoped for.
The season was opened by a good kickstart in Jodoigne on saturday. Now there's more news on our feb.12 concert in Bouchain, and also the article from Goe Vollek! along with a new review of the album from Dark Roos.

A new positive review of La vie sent quoi? is in the new issue of Goe Vollek!
There's more info on the 19 march gig in Anthisnes. See concerts page.
Now, despite the comeback of Wham's "last f*** christmas" on the air (now, be brave my lad...), have a happy holiday season! See you all safe and sound in 2011.

Reviews of La vie sent quoi? have been published in Le Canard Folk and in Monolith Cocktail

Reviews of La vie sent quoi? have been published in Music In Belgium and in Folkworld

La Vie Sent Quoi? as a physical CD is from now on available by mail order through CD Baby, Ludos and Den Appel.

We've just been informed by the Musik'Alma organisation that we've been giving the wrong website adress... The correct one is

Also, the Hit-NRV is now finished, and we ended up fifth! Wich is nice, considering WE haven't been cheating ;-p Now seriously, congratulations to the winner Phon'éthique and once more, thanks to all who voted!

It was a superb evening saturday in Gelbressée. We've already booked for 2014... Thanks to Berwette, Jean-Luc Gillard and the audience!

La vie sans toi, The next market day & Stormdans, and also that good old Rodney's glory, are featured on the september issue of the e-compilaton Fire In The Pub

When last I looked, we were fourth in the Hit NRV, with only 100 votes separating us from n.1! Thanks a lot and let's give it a final nudge...

The gig in Anthisnes for St-Patrick's day 2010 is confirmed.

This time, it's for good: after a (too) long wait, our fourth album "La vie sent quoi?" is finally available, ready to take on the world!
At this moment, it's only digitally available on Yozik, CD Baby or Reverbnation.
The good old CD with plastic and paper will follow in oktober, and will be officially presented at our gig at Musik-Alma Festival on october 13!

The hit NRV Net Radio Village has been launched today! We are competing against 14 bands, so we need your help not to end up last...

A very nice evening yesterday in Harelbeke. Cheers to Brecht, Bart and Lieven. Nanske, I hope your concert was worth missing us ;)

Speaking of gigs, there's a new confirmation: october 13, during the Musik-Alma festival on the UCL Campus in Brussels.

A new gig confirmed on friday 17 september in Poperinge, for the 5th anniversary of The Old Fiddler pub

The gig on december 2 in Brussels (our fourth visit to La Porte Noire!) is confirmed.

It seems there's been a little misunderstanding on our part about the june 6 gig in Ohey. In fact, it's not private at all!!! Everybody's welcome, and there will also be S-Tres playing, so block the date!

A new gig confirmed on august 14 in Harelbeke. our summer season is not entirely screwed... ;)

More info on the Rencontres de Cornemuses on may 30 on the agenda page. We are discussing other gigs in Ohey (near Andenne) on june 6 and in St-Gillis-Waas on august 21.

An interview of Laurent by Denise of has just been published. He speaks about Ceilí Moss past and present, our history, influences and of course of the coming album!

Our good friend Megwiaeth has filmed the biggest part of the february 24 concert in Genval, and placed it all on her YouTube channel. Thanks!

The concert in MJ Antistatic in Tubize has been rescheduled for friday may 7. And if something goes wrong again "then I swear I'll eat me hat"!
Also, the program of the Uni-Vert Festival in Couvin on may 1st is now complete and public!

We're awfully sorry, but due to apalling weather, the MJ Antistatic and us have agreed to postpone the concert scheduled tomorrow in Tubize. A new date will be decided asap and we'll let you know.

Laurent will be the guest of the show "Extra M@x" on M@x FM on monday 8, and will be talking about the coming album, his own solo projects, and the coming series of concerts. M@x FM is airing on 92.9 FM in and around Ath, or can also be listened to online on their website.

Laurent, our singer, is proud to present his first solo-all by myself-autistic effort: "Laurent Leemans & the Imaginary Friends Ensemble" offers 11 pieces of acoustic, minimalist and not (too) boring singer-songwritership. Discover more on his MySpage page or click on the player here:

A new gig confirmed on february 24 in Genval.
If you wonder what became of Benjamin, he has (sadly enough) decided to leave the band for good, and has joined Jour de Fête (formerly known as Combo Belge, famous for the jingle of the legendary TV show "Strip Tease").
And this will probably be the last news bulletin for 2009, so let us wish you a wonderful holiday time! Stay close to the ones you love!

More gigs getting confirmed: Tubize on feb. 12, Ronquières on march 27, and Namur on sep. 25!

An unexpected but very welcome gig has just been booked on november 20 in CC René Magritte in Lessines, as opener for the brilliant Jaune Toujours!
A few dates other have already been confirmed for 2010. Check them out in the agenda.

We are competing to be "artist of the month" on Melodic Revolution. If you feel like, please take a minute to vote for us. Thanks in advance!

A new article on us published in the French blog Onska Sig

So, this is it, alea jacta est, we have booked a studio (Noise Factory, near Namur), blocked dates (nov.-dec. 2009) and will try to give "On The Shore" a decent follow-up!
Since the days of "On The Shore", there are quite a lot of new instruments (while some have gone...) so it will probably sound a bit different to what you have been habituated from us. Rest assured that the energy and the sincerity we have put in everything we've done so far will nevertheless be there (& be drunk! Uh uh…)
We haven't yet thought of a release date, but you will of course be informed as regularly as possible.

Laurent Leemans, our singer, has put some demos of his solo works on his MySpace.
Be among the very firsts to check it out!

A first series of pictures and a recension of Na Fir Bolg Festival are online on Folkroddels (in Dutch). More pics by Ludivine will be added soon!

A certain Dirk Uhte and a not less certain Chiasa Tsukiko made videos for our songs "Ship of fools", "Drinklied", "As far as the eye can see" and "Suil a ruin". Check them out in the videos section.

A new gig confirmed on july 11 in Mettet (Province of Namur)

...And pictures of the Trolls & Légendes festival are also added to the gallery!

Videos of the gig at the festival "Trolls & Légendes" on april 11 are to be seen on YouTube or... on the brand new "videos" page on the website!
And there's a new gig confirmed on september 19 in Namur.

With some delay, the Compil' Pirate vol.2 (with our "As far as the eye can see") has finally been released for your enjoyment! The website is in French but the sleeve notes are available in English, for free and in various audio formats (MP3, wave, flac or ogg).

A bunch of pictures of the march 13 gig in Lodelinsart have been publihed here.

Is Ceilí Moss becoming a band for festivals? We're certainly not gonna complain about that, only announce (with a pinch of pride) that we're gonna play at both Na Fir Bolg (july 4) and Hoorndol (october 3) festivals. What seems certain though is that we're a saturday band... ;)

Not only pictures, but now also videoclips of the gig on saturday 21 march are available in the "extras" section or directly here.

Pictures of the gig on saturday 21 march are to be discovered in the pictures tab, or directly here.

A new concert has just been confirmed at the Nova Villa medieval fair in Fernelmont on may 16.

It's a tough blow, but it didn't come totally unexpected: Benjamin has decided to suspend his participation to the band until at least may 2010. He has undertaken studies, and thinks he cannot combine the rehearsals and the rest with his new scholarly obligations.

On a happier note, Laurent is since january 29 the father of a third baby daughter called Livie. An irresistibly cute bundle of joy who keeps him (and Anna) awake most nights, but that's ok (all parents will see what I mean!)

A new concert booked on 8 may in Brussels, and a few others await imminent confirmation.

So, it's with a (very nice) gig in Geel that 2008 ends for us. Two months of hibernation now, and we're back on saddle on march 13 in Charleroi.
Until then, enjoy yourselves!!!

Go visit our MySpace to watch some videos taken from the gig on september 19 in Namur. At the moment, there's "Emerald" and "Que peut-il nous arriver de pire?" (a brand new song!!!), but we will add some more soon.

Three concerts confirmed: a last-minute party in Louvain-la-Neuve on november 25, and two St-Patrick parties on march 13 and 21 (yes, we have noticed none is actually on St-Pat's day, don't blame us...)

The French wing of the Pirate Party International collective wants us for their second compilation album titled Compil'pirate vol.2. The release date is not yet known, but we'll keep you informed.

As I said before, things are getting organized for 2009. There have been way too many annulations this year (not - well, not always - our fault) and it's each time disappointing and frustrating, so I'm not going to confirm dates unless I'm 100% sure that there's no problem left, no misunderstanding of any kind, not the slightest point not clarified, but for the moment, let's say there's a great chance we'll be playing at Charleroi on march 13, Brussels on march 21 and Wervik on september 5.

So, this is it... Mike's last gig with us last friday. Mike has been a backbone (both musically and personnally) for the last ten years. He will be missed (both musically and personnally!).
Hey, am I not going weepy here? After all, it's not like he was going to Iraq, is it? We'll keep in touch and who knows how things will run when he rerturns in two years...
So, it's time to introduce Stéphane Jalhay, the guitarist who will try to replace Mike. (Yes, a pianist who likes to play folk seems to happen once in a blue moon...) Stéphane is into music for quite a long time, as he has shown us a list of former bands longer than that of all other members together! (see who are we? page for details) We immediately were impressed by his technical abilities, but also by the fact he seems to be the kind of guitarist who serves the song with his skill, and not the opposite!
Except for the fact he drinks way too much water, he's a very decent guy too, so the debate did not last long on whether or not he was one of us.
Stéphane will do his first appearance with us tonight, in Brussels, on the Péniche Fulmar! Want to see a moment that will go down in history? Be there! (and be drunk, of course)

Pictures and a video of the september 19 gig in Namur have been added to the "pictures" and "extras" pages. Matthieu's dad has filmed a good deal of the concert too, we hope we can put some footage online soon.

There's always something happening in Ceilí Moss' tavern... and sometimes it is unpleasant stuff: the gig in Antwerp on october 25 is cancelled, due to a misunderstanding between us and them about the date...

Not only are the gigs on november 15 in Noville and december 13 in Geel both confirmed, but we just added a concert in pub De Egel (The Hedgehog) for Halloween, that's 31 october for the not-knowing...

Deerlycke Folkfestival was just grand!!! You can read a chronicle and/or take a look at some pictures in the press and pictures sections.
Some new gigs ahead, not totally certain, though: in Noville-sur-Mehaigne on nov. 15, and in Geel on dec. 13.

After Deerlijk, here's the confirmation for another interesting festival: the 2009 edition of Trolls & Légendes in Mons on april 11.
Another confirmation, here for an already scheduled event: we'll share the bill on september 19 in Namur with Aumgaia.

No gigs for us in july. But you can check out Thibaud's other projects on july 5 in Maredret (Trioptcha) and july 20 in Wasseiges (Au Pied Levé), and also see Mathieu's other band Pandore Institut at the Francofolies de Spa on july 17.

Yeah! We are thrilled to announce we have been booked on saturday 16 august for the Deerlycke folkfestival, probably the biggest folk festival in Belgium, second only to Dranouter!

More new pictures online, from the gigs at the Nuits Celtiques on march 15, and one from Trottoir Fanfaar in Ghent on april 19.

Some pictures of the (fantastic!) gig at festival Les Anthinoises on sunday have been added to the gallery. Also the portrait of Thibaud is now complete with a photo (borrowed from his other band Trioptcha's website).

Thibaud's biography has been added. No picture yet, but it's underway!

Due to terribly bad weather (two tents blown away by the wind...), the organisators of the Duveltjeskermis on last saturday have decided to cancel the event... Let's hope we have more luck on april 19, as it is also in the open.

We are preparing the departure of Mike at the end of 2008 by welcoming Thihaud, who plays double bass, and has impressed us all with his skills during rehearsals as well as during the St-Patrick's day gig! He is now officially a member of our glorious community.

Two more gigs: on 25 june at a Folkball in Gooik, and on october 25 in Antwerp.

Pictures of the gig in Bomal on february 16 have been added to the gallery.

Two new gigs confirmed: on march 17 (on St-Patrick's Day occasion, for the not-knowing...) in Namur, and on may 17 in Liège.

Things are getting quite chaotic on the live front: the gigs in Café Dada (Brussels) on may 23 and the one in Chapois on november 10 are cancelled. But the one in Brussels on september 26 is confirmed.
Mike and Mathieu are both expecting a screaming rosy little fortunate disturbance within a few months... Congratulations to the fathers to be!

Due to lack of finance, Brussels Celtic Trad asbl had to postpone their festival, originally scheduled for may 17 in the abbey of Forest, to a yet undetermined date. We'll play in Brussels in may nonetheless, on friday 23 in Café Dada, not far from the Grand Place.

Pictures and a review of the concert of last friday in Dhuy are online

An interview (in French) has been published on the MySpace blog Dates de Concerts & Spectacles.

Pictures of the january 23 gig in Tamines with AedO are online.

Two more gigs to give 2008 a good start: one at the CA3V in Dhuy on febr. 1st (we replace Kaptain K who had to cancel) and we'll be one of the 50 or so bands that will shake Ghent on the opening of the "Feast of Folk" on april 19!

And also, the full program of the Nuit Celtique on 15 march is known, we'll be sharing the bill with The Antwerp District Pipe Band, Eitre, Llangres and The Paperboys.

Wow! I never would have believed it, but with 37% of the votes, we got elected "tune of the week" by TunA the Day against the tough opponents Carmelite (Do check them out, they're amazing! And I would have said so even if we had lost to them, we were 1% ahead anyway... ;)

TunA the Day is an online community for people who love music, new musical experiences (no, not Cats and Evita) and like a laugh. On friday 7th, they will feature our "l'esprit de famille " as the "catch of the day".

New gigs galore! Confirmation of the 9 february gig in Bavay, and new dates in Bergen-op-Zoom in june, in Halluin in december (2008) and we'll do the Samhain night in Chapois next november too!

The concert in Brussels this saturday is cancelled. The Pata Negra is undergoing renovation and they only told us now...

Sophie has decided to leave the band. Recurring health problems, ovrflowing agendas, growing implication in the Koudougou project and other things have brought her motivation low, so she thought better to leave than to be half & half. She will not be replaced, though if you really feel like singing with us, sending your CV is far from forbidden.

A new gig scheduled on january 12 in the Maison des Jeunes de Tamines. We'll be opening for AedO!

A last minute gig booked in the pub "The Silver Tree" in Herentals on wednesday 31 october.

A gig confirmed in Mechelen on april 5.

30 pictures from our gig at the Schots Weekend on september 9 have been added to the gallery.
We are negotiating a gig in Mechelen in the beginning of april 2008.

A new gig confirmed on november 3, for the feast of Samain in Chapois, near Ciney.

A series of pictures of the Picnic Festival (not only of us) on september 2 are in the gallery.

And another festival confirmed: we'll play on sunday 26 april at the Anthinoises! Who's next? Folkwoods? Labadoux? Dranouter? (dream on...dream till your dreams come true)

Sometimes, everything works just perfectly: the band is feeling good, the audience is hot as peppers, the sound is perfect, the weather is fine... It makes wounderful concerts, of which you think again months later with a soft warmth in your heart nothing compares to. Such was our gig on sunday at the Picnic Festival! Thanks a lot to the irreproachable organisation, and special thanks to Loes van Schaijk (discover her band Waterflow) for that impromptu "black is the colour", an afternoon to remember!

New pictures and videos of the june 2 gig in Woluwe have been uploaded.

A new gig almost confirmed on february 16 in Bomal sur Ourthe.

And pictures of the Folk Dassenaarde festival are available.

Two new gigs planned for 20 october in Laeken (Brussels) and 11 january in Terneuzen (Netherlands)

Pictures of the gigs in Grimbergen on may 5 and in Waasmunster on june 17 are online on the organisator's websites. See "extras" for links.

There's talk of a new gig in France, near Givet on july 21. Wait & see...

Rather quiet, this news section, these last few weeks...
Some new info about the Schots Weekend in Bilzen in september and also about the project Brussels Celtic Trad in may 2008, a new gig scheduled in the French Ardennes on july 29.

There has been a bug in our adress files, and recent updates were lost. So if you want to stay connected and get our monthly e-news, please let us know by sending a mail to

The concert in Namur on september 14 is cancelled...

Pictures of the St-Patrick gig in Wavre have been added to the gallery.

Some new gigs confirmed in Namur, Attert, Antwerp, Brussels & St-Ghislain.

A great review of "on the shore" is now on the website of PaddyRock webradio.

Concerts are being discussed in Le Roeulx, Antwerp, Attert and some other places. The agenda will be heavily refurbished in the coming days.

Marc Gunn from the Brobdingnagian Bards has released an e-compilation album called "17 Celtic Music Downloads for St. Patrick's Day" and has selected our "Maid on the shore" to be one of them, along with tracks from a.o. Brobdingnagian Bards (self-indulgence? ;p), Wild Clover Band, Booze Brothers and Black 47!
Read more, listen to audioclips and download the complete .zip file here.

Two new gigs confirmed on july 14 at the Folk Dassenaarde festival, near Diest and on october 6 at the Interceltic Festival of St-Ghislain.

And another cheerful news: Milo, fifth kid of Yves & Nathalie, is born on the 3d of march. A thousand cheers!

The interview made by Lili Sygta on january 20 for her podcast is now online here.

And another gig confirmed in Grimbergen on may 5, for the "Celts & Kilts day" organised by Friends of Erin's

Three more gigs confirmed: two are private performances at weddings on april 28 andf august 25, plus we're going back to Le Petit Chapeau Rond Rouge in Brussels on june 2nd. There's also a gig at the Maison de la Culture in Namur scheduled on august 25, but we have little details for the moment.

Oxalys Folk will play as scheduled on february 2 in Dhuy, our replacement is thus cancelled. Also, the february 16 gig in Lasne has been transferred to february 17.

We wish you all a jolly 2007! May it bring everything you hope for, and add some good extras!

The april 12 gig in Brussels is confirmed. So is a surprise TINY MOSS gig in Lasne on february 16. It is possible that we replace Oxalys Folk on february 2 in Dhuy, but it is yet very conditional...

The Dutch-speaking among you may read this new chronicle about "on the shore", published in Folkroddels.

Some pictures of the dec.16 concert at the Xmas market of Namur are online.
A new gig scheduled at La Porte Noire in Brussels. It will probably be on april 12, but the date is not yet 100% confirmed.

There will be an interview of Ceilí Moss on the Dutch Rosa FM next wednesday at 12.15. More info on

And two more gigs confirmed: on december 16 in Namur, and on march 16 in Wavre.

We have just received confirmation of our gig during the Scottish Weekend in Bilzen on september 9. More info on

"On The Shore" is now available on CD Baby.

And there are pictures of our october 21 gig in Gelbressée here.

Reviews of "on the shore" have been published on the Dutch portal Folkforum and on Music In Belgium. Read it on our press review or on Folkforum and on Music In Belgium.

People news: Nathalie and Yves are expecting another baby (their fifth!) for the beginning of march 2007. Now they're gonna need a van...

A recension of "on the shore" is available on Folktribune. Have a look at our press review or read it on

Two new items in the press review: the interview of laurent for the Irish Music Magazine, and an article about the Picnic Festival from Vers l'Avenir.

We thought we'd never see the end of that one, but here it is "On the shore" is here, available, real! You can order it by sending a message or wait for a gig near you!

A new gig scheduled on november 21 in theatre La Flûte Enchantée in Brussels.

A new series of pictures from the Picnic Festival are online in the gallery.

Have a look at some pictures from the Picnic Festival (not only of us) here.

We found a ditty in the vaults: a video from the june 18, 2006 RTBF 8 o'clock news of us live. Click here to watch it.

We hope to see you at the Picnic Festival this sunday!

If we don't have the CD out yet, you may listen now to hi-fi excerpts on the discography page.

The september 24th concert in Andenne is cancelled.

Some pictures of the Radio Panik session are available in the gallery. Unfortunately, the recording of the show has been lost due to a technical problem. If anyone has listened to and/or recorded it, please let us know!

The interview with Petra Jones for Irish Music Magazine (see the IMM website) is published in the august issue. Soon available on this website too.

And for those of you who live in Brussels, don't forget Yves, Jérémy and Laurent will be on Radio Panik (105.4 fm) tomorrow from 7 to 8.30 pm!

Oyez, Oyez! Little Clara is born on thursday the 13th, for the delight of Mike and Isabelle. The mom is fine and the dad couldn't be more proud.

A whole bunch of news storming in:
-On july 26, we have been invited to discuss Celtic music in Belgium by the show MOZAÏK, on Radio Panik (105.4 fm in Brussels)
-confirmation of gigs on september 24 in Andenne and in Brussels on january 20, 2007
-and another not yet confirmed gig in Chièvres in june 2007
-Latest of a long series of cons with the new CD, Jeremy's bro, who's preparing the sleeve, had a crash disk... All data lost... Anyone knows a good exorcist?

We have been contacted by Harcourt editions, who wanted to use our version of 'drunken sailor' to illustrate the folk part of a didactic CD on the history of music. Ceilí Moss will soon be listened to in British schools... Yerk, yerk, our plans for world domination go as intended! ;p

A few days ago, we have been interviewed by Petra Jones of Irish Music Magazine. It should appear in the next issue.

Our records (not yet the new one, unfortunately) are from now on available on the Soundoo platform!

Our buddies from SOYSOY are about to release their second CD. More info on the SOYSOY website.

We'll be opening for the concert of LA VARDA in Brussels on september 29 in Magasin 4!

We have decided to give an official status to TINY MOSS, a smaller-scale sideband, that will allow us to play gigs even if some members are not available that day.

We've just had confirmation for some new gigs in Ecaussinnes (in june), Chiny (in july) and Ghent (in october)

39 new pictures (by Ludivine) of our gig in Oostmalle on march 19 have been added to the gallery!

Small catastrophe : Jérémy will be out for a few weeks, due to a car crash. He’s not badly wounded, but with a broken arm, he won’t play the drums for some time… If someone feels like doing the interim, he/she is welcome to send us a mail.

A whole bunch of pictures (45!) from the St-Patrick's gig in Nismes have been added to the site. The pictures were taken by Ludivine, Mathieu's girlfriend. Which goes to show we were well inspired to hire him!

Two fantastic gigs on friday and sunday though very different in context! It's been great having Yannick on stage with us on friday, even if only for three songs. A very heartfelt thank you to the very professional organisation and extraordinarily warm audiences from both Nismes and Oostmalle!

We hope to see you at our gig on St-Patrick's day in Nismes (Viroinval), or on sunday the 19th in Oostmalle!

Our participation to the Picnic Festival in Namur on september 3 is confirmed. More details will follow

Our gig in Aaigem on april 30 is confirmed. A gig in Andenne on the last W-E of september is discussed.

Here it is! Welcome on the brand new ad-free Ceilí Moss website. This will be our new adress and our new e-mail, so update your favourites!

Check out Mathieu's biography on the "who are we" page!

It is now official: Mathieu "Stork" Collard is the new fiddler of Ceilí Moss!
Ceilí Moss has been approached for the next edition of the Picnic Festival in september at Namur. Wait & see...

Yesterday evening, we have invited Mathieu, from Saliunca, and his fiddle. Well, the least you can say is that he scored some points in the new fiddler's race!
Families are getting larger still, after Yves and Laurent, it's Mike who's becoming a dad in august. Congratulations!

It has nothing to do with the CD, though it's something that was also expected with some nervosity: Laurent is proud to announce the birth of an irresistibly cute Milla, born on the 8th january. Mother and child are well.

Yep, let's begin this year by adding a new part to your favourite website! We thought it was too sad to throw away information of such capital importance, so now it will be kept until kingdom comes, thanks to the miracle of technology! Hallelujah!