LATEST NEWS (fall-winter 2013)

20 years of folchaos! (sigh) A first batch of gigs are now confirmed this autumn in Namur, Liege, Wepion, Martelange, Brussels and Gembloux. More coming in!!!!!!!!!!! ;p

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Here you will find all the useful and some useless information about a bunch of lads who don't take themselves too seriously and enjoy playing enthusiastic and colourful acoustic folk-rock in pubs, always in for fresh pints and hot atmospheres.

In these pages, we will try to share with you and, who knows, make you appreciate our music (mainly), our faces (optional), some trivia and some of our centres of interest (see the links & extras sections).

If you're curious where this name comes from: Ceilí (pronounced as Kylie) is a Gaelic word for a party with music, and Moss was the nickname of Alain Mossiat, boss of the pub "L'Eblouissant", where we first learned to deal with stage fright.

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